The beauty of it all.

Hi, I’m Ashley; recovering clutter-er, collector, and beauty lover. Here’s the beauty of it all.

As a girl who has always aspired to have perfect, beautiful skin and makeup, the disappointment with department store makeup brands has always been just too real. I would spend countless hours watching tutorial after tutorial of my favorite beauty influencers creating perfect masterpieces. They’d showcase different brands, sell me on different problems it would solve, and out of desperation, I bought into it. I’d make list on list of exactly what I needed to conceal my acne breakouts, what works for dry skin, the fullest of the full coverage foundation, the best eyeshadow palettes for beautiful everyday wear, and walk with my heart pounding into a department store.

Despite believing I knew exactly what I wanted, I knew, deep down, I was out of my element. I had no idea what I would be persuaded to by when I sat down in the chair and asked someone with much more experience than me to help me pick the correct shade. What I didn’t realize is, the beautiful girls who work in these department stores often times earn a commission for a specific brand. So, they’ll tell you why this brand is so much better than the one you went in with your heart set on, and they’ll do your entire face with their skilled hands to show you how incredible it looks on you.

You take it home, feeling confident and equipped, just to realize your hands aren’t as skilled as theirs, and you can never create that same look again. So, back to the drawing board.

This ruthless, endless cycle was never ending. The collection bottles, palettes, and tubes continued to grow. It cluttered up my counter and cluttered up my confidence, I wasn’t meant to have beautiful skin, and I wasn’t meant for beautiful makeup.

When I was first introduced to this one compact, simple makeup system, being sold as perfect for girls Just.Like.Me, I was having no part of it. My broken and beaten confidence, my jaded skepticism, was not buying the hype. I reluctantly asked this sweet woman to shade match me. This was the first time I was being told if the makeup didn’t work, I could send my money back. I thought, “At least this won’t clutter up my counter when I’m done with it, and I can have my money back.”

She matched me through a selfie (HA! I laughed a little at the thought of this actually working), and I placed my online order. I got it in the mail a few days later, and I looked at it in disbelief.

“This is ridiculous.” This tiny little tin of this dark brown junk is going to cover my face and help me feel beautiful? Yea, ok.

I tried it. I was hooked.

I immediately sent this sweet, patient woman text message after text message. I couldn’t believe a foundation worked for me. I couldn’t believe how little I had to use to cover every single insecurity on my face. I couldn’t believe how this little compact defined my features, and highlighted my favorite parts of my face. I just couldn’t believe it. And the best part of it, what used to be mountains of bottles, overflowing makeup bags, and clutter on my bathroom sink, is now just a single compact that fits in the palm of my hand.

I decided a few short weeks later, that I just had to help other women understand the pure joy and contentment this makeup brought to my life. I had to help other women learn how to rid themselves of the cluttered bathroom sinks and cabinets, and rid themselves of the cluttered mindset that they aren’t worthy.

They had to understand that they were worthy of having beautiful makeup, and a confidence that shined through all else. I made the decision to become a Seint artist, and I never looked back.

If you’re one of those women, and you’d like me to help you experience so much more from your makeup experience with less, head to this link and I’ll walk you through every step of the way.